Michelle Lasure

Michelle is a recent graduate from the Ross Medical Education Center with certification in
Medical Billing, Coding and Office Administration and is a Nationally Certified Medical Biller and
Coder. She has worked in the healthcare field for many years and enjoys assisting and working
with patients.

Michelle discovered chiropractic care after suffering for years with debilitating migraine
headaches. Her last migraine lasted for nine “horrible” months, so severe that she almost failed
her final year of high school. She saw six doctors seeking help and answers but all they could
do was prescribe more drugs and no answers. Since becoming Dr. Terebelo’s assistant and
office manager Michelle has furthered her understanding of health and the value of Applied
Kinesiology methods and protocol. As a result, her blood sugar continues to normalize,
something she has struggled with for years!

Michelle has two children Lucie and Nathan. They were so impressed with mom’s progress that
they insisted on a visit to Dr Terebelo as well! In her spare time Michelle enjoys reading,
spending time with family and her dog, Mack. She is currently working on her Associates of
Applied Science- Medical Billing Administrative Specialist degree.